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08-Oct-2017 02:10

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This project explores the relationship between Buddhist culture and technological transformations by looking at "the book" as artifact, medium for communication, symbol of political authority, and ritual object in the context of Tibetan Buddhism.

It relies on an experienced team from previous AHRC-funded projects which includes members of the University of Cambridge, the British Library and Tibetan research institutions.

A preliminary survey of 15th-16th century Tibetan block prints showed that printing technologies promoted specialised craftsmanship and led to distinctive ways of mobilising people and resources.

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Drawing from Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and other spiritual traditions, If the Buddha Dated shows how to find a partner without losing yourself. At once practical, playful, and spiritually sound, this book is about creating a new love story in your life.Significantly Buddhaghosa lived around the same time as St Augustine of Hippo came forth with his anti-sex and anti-women trope in the Catholic Church.