Is robin roberts dating

30-Nov-2017 02:04

"I am grateful for my sister, Sally-Ann, for being my donor and giving me the gift of life," Roberts wrote.

"I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together." Roberts and Laign have reportedly been together for 10 years and the girlfriend has been by the reporter's side throughout her breast cancer diagnosis and bone marrow transplant in September 2012,noted. PHOTOS Laign is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in treating patients recovering from injuries, sources said.

The “Good Morning America” anchor took to her Facebook page to express her gratitude on the first anniversary of being 100 days past her bone marrow transplant, thanking her sister for being her donor, her doctors and her longtime girlfriend Amber!

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Know more about her experience on surviving cancer and also find out about her personal married life.

People have to deal with hardships in their life, and at such times it is hard to recover and come back from the traumas left behind.