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Start listening in the player window → If you would prefer to listen to our streams in a different player, that's okay, too.For each of our streams we offer Windows Media format, .mp3 format and a special link for i Tunes users.As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ll be putting out a book later this year on cutting your expenses in half by moving abroad. ) In the course of that, I’ve been interviewing loads of expats living in different countries.If you pinned me to the wall and said I had to tell you which country was the absolute cheapest place to live in different regions, Cambodia would be the answer in Southeast Asia.(Just click the link and the player window will launch automatically.) You can then select either the Classical WETA 90.9 FM stream or the Viva La Voce stream.

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Due to Kelantan's relative isolation and largely rural lifestyle, Kelantanese culture differs somewhat from Malay culture in the rest of the peninsula; this is reflected in the cuisine, arts, and the unique Kelantanese Malay language, which is unintelligible even for some speakers of standard Malay.“You just pay a little extra when you arrive for the upgrade. From there it’s very easy to rent a space and open a bar, a restaurant, or a service business.As long as you don’t do anything stupid, it’s no problem.” Just keep it above board, he advises.Listening to Classical WETA 90.9 FM and Viva La Voce online has never been easier with our dedicated player window.

No third-party software needed and you can leave it open in the background all day long without disrupting anything else you might be doing.On top of the cheap living and the pure ease of getting things done, you’re welcome to stick around for a while.