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or through a valid value on the input element the component is attached to) then the first time the user opens the datetimepicker widget the value is initialized to the current moment of the action.If a false parameter is cleared and there is no restriction to the miminum moment the user can select.It is a handy and fully interactive tool to pick the necessary time and date when filling a form.The dedicated timepicker allows setting the necessary time that will be displayed below the calendar area. For this purpose, use the start On Monday property with the value "Month" and "year" types Calendar can be displayed on customer request, for instance when a user wants to pick a date and time to fill the form. Note that here you needn't initialize Calendar - it will appear as soon as you click a datepicker icon.I am using the Datepicket that is part of the Angular JS ui-bootstrap module.

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If there are features you would like to see implemented, or we have missed some flatpickr options, please open an issue and/or submit a PR!First of all you should specify a locale or a set of needed locales (en-US, fr-FR, ru-RU) and then apply them to the calendar. Disabled dates To disable a certain period in the calendar, which presupposes specific CSS and blocking of click events, you can go by the two ways: Defining "active" period Use the dedicated min Date and max Date properties to limit the period that will be available for clicking and, hence, selecting: The dates can be defined either as date object or date string formatted under the current locale.