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Older indexes will indicate the quarter in which a birth, death or marriage was registered; more recent indexes contain actual dates of the events.

Registration districts in England and Wales have undergone many changes as boundaries and boroughs have changed over the years - depending on the date of the record you are interested in, the same town may have moved from one district to another.

In AD 947 the record shows that the Charter of Eadred or Edwy grants Theyn Oswig twenty hides (a hide was roughly one hundred acres) in 'Mearsoetham', the name meaning literally 'dwelling of the people of the marsh'.

In AD 820 two alternative spellings are also shown as 'Mastam' and 'Mastahaem', and a further ninth century spelling during the reign of Edward the Confessor is 'Mersetham'.

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She said: "I have a nice bunch of good-looking girlfriends and we always get a good reaction from men when we go out."I definitely think Sutton women are better than Croydon."But it's something I haven't really thought about before."Speaking on Sutton High Street, Missy Chowdhury, 24, said: "There are a lot of fit birds around, but I don't like to separate women by area."To narrow them into an area seems to objectify women, which I don't like to do.If you are researching your family tree and using ancestry or genealogy websites, entries on the online indexes will indicate which district a birth, death or marriage registration has been recorded in.You will be able to purchase a copy certificate from the register office holding the record for that district in order to obtain more information to further your research.The poll asked tens of thousands of people looking for love on mobile dating site Flirt Finder where the most attractive girls lived and the borough beat 112 other locations across the UK to the top spot.

The least attractive girls are said to come from the Scottish Islands, while the UK's most handsome men come from Harrogate in north Yorkshire.There are many other places, all of Saxon origin, that have the common ending of ham, and having the same meaning of 'home', something 'hemmed-in', a small settlement of houses clustered together.

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